Dark Secret Love: A Story of Submission

Dark Secret Love: A Story of Submission - Alison Tyler This book touched me, in some secret place. She takes us all over her beginnings. Introducing the characters, setting the scene, and then pushing boundaries. It's just sex and then it really isn't. This book is about a woman coming into her own. It isn't typical falling in love and one girl, one guy. This felt real, this felt like an admission. Her intro was perfect. It is a whirlwind of pleasure and pain. I would have made the same choices and suffered the same. Alison Tyler gives us her story, as much as she was able to give. The writing is stellar. Alison Tyler is able to re-create a scene making you feel like you are right there, inside her head. The details surround you as she describes her intro into BDSM and her beginnings as a writer. I fell for every trick right along with Samantha. I swooned when Samantha said she was ready for Jack. I couldn't put this book down. I devoured this book and then went back for more.
Is this real? I sure hope so. It is, in a word.. perfect.